Health Strategy Partners

Focus On Performance

Practical, Experience Based Leadership and Insights



  • Analyze and improve work flow processes
  • Eliminate unnecessary / redundant activities
  • Improve purchasing processes and inventory control
  • Improve alignment of human resource skills / abilities with tasks
  • Enhance service delivery systems & capabiliteis

Sales, Marketing & Business Development 

  • Develop comprehensive business & marketing plans
  • Reconfigure product / service offerings
  • Assess & restructure pricing strategies
  • Build effective sales teams
  • Create value enhancing strategic partnershhips
  • Create focused traditional, digital and social media marketing campaigns
  • Build durable competitive advantages

Project Management

  • Managed over 20 new product introductions
  • provided oversight for 20+ new service sites / locaitons - all on time and under budget
  • Lead operations and IT teams to enhance work flow processes

Payer Strategy

Negotiated numerous payer agreements including 

capitation, fee for service,  bundled payments and case rate agreements.

Complex Case Management - Developed a unique complex case management program for high utilizing patients with multiple chronic diseases. Decreased ED and hospital admits by > 67%.

Government Relations

  • Successfully led an industry wide effort to lobby Medicare reversing a highly injurious reimbursement rule.
  • Worked with Regional DMERCs / MACs and commercial payers to obtain coverage for numerous new products & services.